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Many people have problems, have lawsuits, have been issued summonses. want to sue and would like to consult a lawyer

But I don’t know the steps. How to start consulting How far can you consult? How much does it cost? What will be the benefits after consulting?

Today as a lawyer Having worked as a consultant for more than 10 years, I have encountered many problems and questions.

Therefore, we have collected frequently asked questions to answer. And I believe it will be useful for those who want to consult with a lawyer to share.

Consult a lawyer. How is it useful? ?

Consulting a lawyer. How is it useful? I’ll explain it like this.

Various decisions Especially making decisions in situations where we are having problems. often affects Whether it’s good or bad, we’re always with you.

So when problems occur And we have to decide to solve the problem. Or we have to make important decisions about matters that we do not have knowledge or expertise about. no experience We should consult an expert. Before making a decision

And for experts in consulting There is a saying:

If you have health problems. You go see a doctor.

If you have money problems. Go see the banker.

And if you have problems other than these two, please Consult a lawyer

This statement means: Other problems in your life In addition to health problems and financial problems You can always consult with a lawyer.

The reason for this statement It is probably because lawyers work by being tied to people’s problems. and how to solve problems Prevent problems occurring in human life.

So an experienced lawyer and work as a professional lawyer will be familiar with problem solving Almost every matter in human daily life, from family matters, business matters, work matters, people matters, etc.

The lawyer will see the problems and how to solve them in every process. Since before the problem started While there was a problem and later when the problem has already occurred

For example, myself. When you have worked as a lawyer for 10 years, you can say that you have encountered problems in human society.Comes with almost every story

  • Since family matters such as divorce, adultery, fighting over child rearing. Child rearing
  • Business matters such as joint investment Sharing profits in business Business competition, fraud, breach of contract.
  • Work matters such as corruption within the organization. Gossiping about your boss Problems with labor relations, layoffs, and recruitment.

And almost covers every subject. about problems occurring in society In most cases, you must rely on a lawyer to prevent problems from occurring. or solve problems that have already occurred.

So an experienced lawyer So we can always give you advice when you need it or when you have a problem

Apart from health problems that you will need to consult with a doctor. and financial problems for which you will need to see a financial expert. We can usually provide advice on any other problems.

Because of our profession as lawyers. Living with human problems and expertise in solving and preventing problems that will occur We are therefore always able to give you good and useful advice.

So whenever you have a problem or must make a decision to solve the problem or want a way to prevent problems that may occur in the future.

You should consult a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. To find ways to prevent or solve problems that may occur as well.

Especially When you have a legal problem Whether there is a business dispute, a criminal case, wanting to sue, being sued, being reported, wanting to file a lawsuit. Want to make a contract, will, or other legal document?

You are strongly encouraged to consult an attorney before making any decision. Because of the decision regarding the lawsuit It always has a very important impact on your life and property.

And lawyers are experts who can recommend the best solution to your problem.

Consult a lawyer. When should I start?

Solving that problem. Naturally, this must be done when the problem has just begun. It will be the easiest to fix.

And the best way is to prevent it from the time there is no problem.

So if you have any problems whether you’ve been sued, been notified, received a summons. Must go through various legal proceedings.

Or your rights have been disturbed. Dispute legal rights A dispute occurred. Likely to lead to lawsuits in the future.

or even want to make a legal contract or decide to act on any matter that you think may cause problems in the future

You should consult an attorney immediately

What you really shouldn’t do is: When a problem or any lawsuit has occurred He refused to consult a lawyer. Go fix the problem yourself.

Or go consult with other people who are not professional lawyers. no experience No skills in solving problems or prosecuting cases.

In the end, if you solve a problem in the wrong way, Decide on a solution or a wrong path, make an agreement or take action on your own.

When you have to return to a lawyer, it may be too late. Or will it make the problem even more difficult to solve?

Like a patient with an illness. But refused to come to the doctor for treatment. Try to find medicine to buy yourself, buy medicine from ghosts, or go to someone who is not an expert, not a doctor. Let the witch doctor blow the crown of your head.

Finally, when symptoms are severe Must return to the doctor It may be too difficult to treat. Or you may have to pay more for treatment than you should.

Therefore, consult a lawyer. You should start doing this before the problem occurs. Since the start of the contract Before deciding to do or not do anything It will be the most useful.

In addition, when there is a problem, a dispute, a lawsuit, a court warrant or summons is received. or wish to initiate legal action of any kind.

You should consult a lawyer from the beginning. In order for lawyers to analyze opportunities for gain and loss and the correct approach to litigation. It will be the best thing.

Consult a lawyer Is there a cost? ?

Free lawyer consultation

For many people who have never consulted a lawyer. Most people often wonder if there is a fee for consulting a lawyer. And how high will the costs be?

Many people assume that lawyers have an obligation to provide free advice. And they often inquire or consult with a lawyer immediately without ever asking about expenses with a lawyer before.

Or some people just don’t understand why, just consult. The cost of the lawyer must also be paid. Why don’t lawyers give free advice? Just consulting a lawyer won’t cost you anything.

I have to say that for myself and most professional lawyers, Especially experienced lawyers. and truly work as a professional lawyer Most often, free consultations are not given.

There may be some lawyers who advertise that they offer free consultations. But most often it is just a small preliminary consultation.

If you would like to discuss in-depth details. Most of the time, it is necessary to collect all expenses. Except for lawyers who have time. and has a true volunteer spirit.

I will explain why professional lawyers are required to charge consulting fees. For the following 5 reasons.

1.Free consultation. It is taking advantage of customers who hire us.

Definitely a professional lawyer. representing Doing the same job as a lawyer Naturally, there must be a responsibility to take care of a large number of various lawsuits.

Whether it is preparing the case. Advocacy Researching the law and responsibility for rehearsing and preparing witnesses, etc.

Which various tasks in the profession of lawyers There are a lot And we must give our number 1 priority to the customers who pay to hire us. Assign us responsibility for taking care of life and property. To make the work come out the best

Consultation with other clients. Even though it doesn’t take a long time, maybe only 10 minutes, 20 minutes, it is considered a waste of time. It is a distraction, sacrificing time that we have to use for taking care of other clients. Provide consultation to other clients who agree to hire us.

So for me and professional lawyers. We therefore do not accept free consultations. Because it is considered a time encroachment It is taking advantage of other customers who agree to hire us.

We agree to take the time. Dedicating work to the customers who hire us In order for the work to come out to its best, what is better than dedicating time, including brains and ideas, to give advice to others? who are not customers who hire us

2.Lawyers are responsible for giving incorrect advice.

In the consultation of a lawyer. If we give incorrect advice or advice Adjust the facts and laws that are expected to move. Suggest that you do something illegal. or things that cause you damage

Later you believe our advice. and do as we recommend Until there is damage to yourself or others. Or it may even be an action that is against the law.

Lawyers themselves bear liability and responsibility for such damages. Whether it is civil or criminal liability, as the case may be and lawyers who may be prosecuted.EtiquetteLawyers as well

So it would be very unfair to us. If we must use caution Use your knowledge and abilities Check facts and laws to give you a free consultation

But if there is damage Or something goes wrong, we must be responsible. We do not receive any compensation for our time or compensation.

Therefore, most professional lawyers do not opt for free consultations.

3. It takes time to check the facts. and research the law Before giving advice

As mentioned in Section 2, if the lawyer gives incorrect advice, the lawyer will be responsible.

Therefore, in order not to make mistakes and to give you the best advice. Lawyers will need to spend a lot of time giving advice.

Whether it is gathering facts by examining the facts from yourself. From the examination of witnesses, documents, witnesses, objects and pleadings, various legal documents To gain an understanding of the problem and how to solve it.

In addition, we must research the law. Study the Supreme Court’s judgments legal theory To provide advice in cases where legal matters are complex.

Time is considered the most valuable resource for humans. It is something that cannot be assessed and cannot be returned.

Before advising you, we will have to waste a lot of time. This time we can use for other benefits as mentioned in point 1.

So I and many other professional lawyers Therefore choose not to give free consultation. To save time, use it for other more useful things.

4.We spend time dedicated to studying the law. and have accumulated experience for a long time before being able to give advice.

There is a saying that

“The work you see I can do in 5 minutes is because I spent 10 years learning and practicing. So don’t underestimate the value of my work. “

This statement applies very well. About lawyer consultation

Many people do not see the value in the advice of a lawyer. and saw that he should not pay money for lawyer consultation.

Because a lawyer only takes 10 minutes to give a consultation.

Or just type the answer in Line or email with just a few words In consultation only When I look at it, I don’t see anything tired. Why must we collect expenses?

But in fact, before we can give you proper advice. We can advise you on finding the best solution.

We must go through the process of studying law at the university level. Training of the Lawyers Council Including studying law at a higher level.

Moreover, even if we graduate from law school, graduate from the bar, and pass the lawyer’s license exam, Most of the time we are still unable to provide good legal advice.

Because it is only theoretical learning. Still cannot be used in practice.

Professional lawyer who will give good advice. In my opinion, I must have experience in the field of work. Through solving problems for customers Practice and gain experience in litigation, trial and error, and spend no less than 5 years.

It must pass serious litigation. Seriously solving problems for customers Facing various situations Practice encountering problems and how to solve them. To deeply understand the correct approach to counseling.

And when we understand the working system Understand the court process and have gone through enough problems We are experts and able to provide accurate advice and be able to solve problems for you.

So until we can give you advice. We will have to waste time. Loss of dedication to work Having accumulated experience for a long time to be able to give you accurate advice. Such things are not something that is given for free.

It is therefore appropriate for us to retain the cost of consulting.

5.Our advice can be used to solve problems and be of great benefit to you.

As mentioned above, Legal advice of a lawyer It will fix and prevent problems that happen to you very well. It may help you reduce the risk of problems. that will result in loss of property, imprisonment, and other risks of danger.

May bring you a lot of assets. Makes you solve problems that could not be solved. This saves you from having problems and lawsuits later on. Or make your lawsuit end or be completed quickly without you having to go to court.

So it is reasonable. We will charge a small amount. Come in exchange for the benefits you will receive.

How much does it cost to consult a lawyer?

For the reasons I mentioned above. For myself I will give legal advice. Only when the consultation fee is paid.

And when the consulting fee has been received I will devote my time to studying. and full intention in giving advice in order to be correct and most beneficial.

Normally, if the consultation is on-site or by phone or through various online systems such as Google Meet / Zoom / Microsoft Team / or LINE

There will be an initial cost of approximately 3,000-5,000 baht depending on the complexity of the case

Consultation section for foreign clients who want to use English to communicate There will be expenses ranging from5,000 to 10,000 bahtdepending on the nature of the case as well.

Off-site consulting section There will be additional time and travel expenses depending on the distance as agreed upon.

Unless it’s really a study of some very basic things. or giving advice to old customers or close friends Or a poor customer has actually suffered and suffered damage.A lawyer will consider providing free consultation on a case-by-case basis.

This is common when you pay the costs of consulting a lawyer. A lawyer will also give you advice on any questions you may have. Until the doubt disappears or until you get an answer that is useful to you

This may not take long, just 15 -20 minutes, in cases where the problem is not complicated. or a lawyer who has the ability to quickly understand problems and recommend methods that are concise and easy to understand.

Or it may take longer. In cases where the case is complex, there are a lot of documentary evidence and physical evidence. And it takes time to understand.

Things you should know first Consult a lawyer

To consult a lawyer There are some rules or things that you should know. To give you maximum benefit as follows:

1.Speak the truth

This is the most important matter for consulting with a lawyer. That is, you must tell the lawyer the entire truth. A lawyer will then be able to give you advice and recommend the most correct solution.

If you tell a story that isn’t true. Telling lies to a lawyer in hopes of getting the answer you want. Or think that if you tell the whole truth, the lawyer will not accept the case or provide advice and help.

The lawyer will build a case or give advice based on your incorrect story.

And finally, when you set up a wrong picture or give advice. You too will be damaged by giving incorrect advice. Received the wrong solution. or an incorrect and inaccurate picture of the case.

Remember that every story you tell your lawyer. The lawyer has no right to publish or share it with other people. Even received a summons from the court. A lawyer cannot tell you about secrets or things you have discussed.

Because it is a privilege of protection between the lawyer and the client. It is a secret that must not be revealed. And if a lawyer publishes it, it will be an offense both according to law andEtiquetteLawyer

So you should tell your lawyer the truth. So that the lawyer can understand the story and give you accurate advice according to the case.

2. Tell a detailed story

In giving you advice and finding a solution, a lawyer must understand the whole story in detail. And know the story of the case as if it were yourself.

Therefore, you should tell the whole story in detail, without cutting or hiding it.

Don’t think that any fact is not important and you don’t have to tell it to your lawyer. But all relevant facts should be shared with the lawyer. Even if it’s just a small matter.

And don’t be annoyed when the lawyer asks you in detail to know the facts completely in all aspects.

Because if the lawyer does not understand the story and facts of the case in detail, he may create a wrong case. give wrong advice and cause damage to you later

So a talented lawyer Therefore, we must ask and examine the facts with you thoroughly before making recommendations or giving advice.

3.It’s best to talk face to face.

For legal consultation Especially things that are complex or difficult to understand. face to face conversation It’s probably the best choice.

Because talking face to face is This will allow both sides to understand each other in detail. Because in addition to verbal communication, there is also communication with body language.

And both sides can capture the gestures and symptoms of the other party in the conversation to understand the story better.

There has been research that in human communication, in addition to using spoken language, Body language is still considered another part of making both parties understand each other more than words.

What is legal advice if the lawyer misunderstands you? The facts are incomplete. Lawyers may give incorrect advice.

And that you consult a lawyer if you do not understand the lawyer’s advice correctly. You may apply it incorrectly and cause damage to yourself.

Consultation via telephone Through typing and interacting in applications such as LINE, Facebook or email, it may be possible to a certain extent in matters that are not very complicated.

But in important matters, there must be a detailed understanding or an in-depth investigation of the facts.

For me, giving legal advice by talking face to face is the best advice.

However, if it is not convenient to meet or talk face to face, talking through various online meeting programs, whether it be Zoom, Google Meeting or Microsoft Team, is an option that can be adjusted. UseReplacementTo a certain extent.

4.Compose stories before consulting

As already mentioned, it is best for a lawyer to give you advice and advice. The lawyer must understand the whole story in detail and completely.
So if you have time Before coming in, consult a lawyer. You may collect all the facts of the story. Type or send as a message to the lawyer via various channels first.

You may type or send a message in simple language. According to your understanding or your own language, it doesn’t have to be very formal.

Most lawyers already have the skills or ability to read and understand stories well. When you read your entire story when you come to consult, you will be able to quickly examine additional facts and understand them easily.

This way you will save time. Then received correct advice quickly.

5.Collect documentary evidence. Related witnesses Let’s come together.

Common in legal consulting. In addition to getting the facts in detail and complete in every aspect. Documentary evidence or related material evidence is equally important.

So before you consult with a lawyer. You should provide all relevant documentation.

Whether it is a complaint Documents in the case arrest record Evidence of legal contract Evidence of conversations through the LINE Facebook program or videos and all related evidence to be examined by a lawyer first.

When the lawyer has checked, he will be able to understand the matter correctly, quickly and give you advice correctly.

6.Special expertise

It must be understood that although lawyers live with a person’s problems and have the expertise to solve them, that occur in everyday life

But not every lawyer is good or an expert in every subject. Because each person has different work experiences.

For example, I myself have an aptitude and expertise. Regarding family cases, inheritance, criminal cases, property, debt collection, labor, or various matters that are problems that I have to encounter on a regular basis.

But I’m not at all good at taxation, international trade, and patent cases because they’re cases that I don’t know much about and have little expertise in.

So before you consult a lawyer. You should ask whether he has expertise in such matters or experience in such matters.

A good lawyer is generally a good lawyer. If they do not have expertise in such matters, they will not accept advice. and will recommend other lawyer friends who have the ability and expertise in such legal matters for you instead.

7.Lawyers are not a place to vent. Psychologist

For this problem, this is a problem that I encounter regularly. It’s a call to vent. or express anger or sadness to the lawyer.

Although a lawyer must examine the facts in detail in order to give you accurate advice. But all we need are facts. I don’t want to listen or be an outlet for you.

Therefore, in consulting with a lawyer, you should consult or tell the lawyer. Just the facts There is no need to tell stories or express emotions unreasonably because it will be a waste of time for all parties.

8.Respect time. Know the timing

As already said. Normally, a professional lawyer Must always treasure his time and his time.

So if you have made an appointment to see or request a consultation. You should keep time and come to your appointments.

Otherwise it may cause the lawyer’s appointment schedule to be completely inaccurate or the lawyer will be in too much of a hurry to give you advice.

In addition, another thing that is often present. It is to consult without looking at the occasion or time.

For example, calling to consult at 4-5 p.m. on non-urgent matters. and rush to ask for answers This will make the lawyer not want to work with you.

9.Most professional lawyers do not receive free consultations.

As I said from the beginning, a professional lawyer Most did not receive free consultation. For reasons that I have explained in detail.

So then If you expect that you can ask a lawyer. And the lawyer must provide the answer. As long as you think you don’t need to pay a consultation fee.

shows you are wrong. And you have no respect for the legal profession. And this type of person, most professional lawyers do not like to work with.


Things you should not do when consulting a lawyer 

I’ve compiled a list of things you shouldn’t have to do if you consult a lawyer as follows.

1.Consult even if you already have a lawyer

This is a very important problem that I encounter regularly. And I am very careful and give great importance.

It is when you come to consult a lawyer even though you yourself have already hired or have a lawyer to take care of the case.

This matter is considered a prohibited matter and is a misconduct.EtiquetteLawyer Because other lawyers cannot provide duplicate advice. In matters where you already have a lawyer

The lawyer who did this knew he already had a lawyer and went to consult him. May be sued.EtiquetteLawyer

Then you must understand that other lawyers will never be able to understand and advise you on the matter as well as your own lawyer. Because in order to give good advice, a lawyer must first understand the whole story in detail.

So if you already have an attorney, you will need to consult your attorney. Don’t go and ask other lawyers.

And if you are not satisfied or have an opinion on the litigation that does not agree with your lawyer’s You must notify your attorney that you will be changing attorneys or withdrawing your attorney before consulting with another attorney.

2. Consult about other people’s matters. I refuse to talk to him myself.

This is something I encounter regularly as well, which is bringing other people’s matters to discuss with a lawyer without refusing to bring the person to consult or talk with the lawyer. myself

Of course, the person who knows the story best is the one who experienced the event and knew the story from the beginning. Therefore, the person who should come to ask for advice and tell the story to the lawyer should be a person who owns himself.

When you, the person who is not the owner of the matter, comes to consult with a lawyer. This will prevent you from telling your lawyer the full story in detail.

When you receive advice from a lawyer and pass it on, there may be misunderstandings. Because you are not a lawyer and may have misunderstood.

So if you want to consult a lawyer, it would be better to bring the person or someone who witnessed the whole incident to talk with you. This is except in cases where the person is really unable to come, such as being imprisoned, not receiving bail, or having other reasons.

3.Hide facts. or not delivering relevant documents and evidence to

As I said from the beginning, In order for a lawyer to give good advice, the lawyer must know the whole story in detail, otherwise there may be mistakes in giving advice.

Therefore, consult a lawyer. You shouldn’t hide facts or tell only part of the story. or conceal and refuse to deliver documentary evidence to a lawyer for whatever reason.

Because in doing so, in the end, the person who loses the most benefit is yourself, who will receive incorrect advice and ultimately have negative consequences.

4. Want a lawyer to give an opinion or take legal action. Go according to your own needs alone.

I myself and believe that many other lawyers will have to face this problem.

Especially for clients or people who come to consult on legal cases. It is a type of person who has power, wealth, knowledge, or high self-confidence.

This type of person Always have their own ideas and think they are always right. and tends not to listen to other people’s opinions

When lawyers advise or give legal opinions, they are not listened to. Want to have a lawyer give advice or give an opinion? or explain the course of litigation in the way that they want only.

Many lawyers want to receive professional fees or want to please their clients. complyClientWhich may ultimately cause damage to the client himself

So when consulting a lawyer you should get rid of all your biases and opinions. and open your mind to listen to reasons, both facts and laws forReceiveMaximum benefit

5.Emphasis on letting the lawyer decide. or confirm the result of losing or winning the case.

Normally, in various cases, the lawyer is not the one who decides the case, he is only the one who presents the facts for the court to decide.

And in matters of lawsuits Oh, that’s not the case.Simple case with witnessesBaseIt’s really clear that there are often many factors that will create a chance of losing or winning a case. It’s hardly something that can be calculated with 100% certainty.

So a lawyer can only tell you the probability. Naturally, we cannot confirm or give 100% certainty that you will win your case. (except for simple cases with clear, uncomplicated evidence)

But many people often ask a lawyer to confirm or give a 100% chance of winning the case before agreeing to hire or trusting the advice, which is the wrong way.

6.Record conversations without permission

For this matter, it is something that I encounter often as well. This is considered very rude and disrespectful behavior.

OrdinaryIf youWant to record a conversation to use as a refresher. If you want to use it for reference or later processing, you can.

You’ll just need to request permission and notify your lawyer first. Naturally, most lawyers, including myself, are happy to let you record the conversation.

Steps for consulting a lawyer

For people who want to consult on legal problems or lawsuits, what are the steps?

Each lawyer may have different procedures and methods.

But for me There is my own method that I have tried to adapt from more than 10 years of experience and found to be beneficial as follows.

  1. add LINE to @srisunglaw or telephone number 0982477807 ,0873357764Try to tell basic facts. Briefly tell me what the story is. If it is a small matter, I will give basic advice free of charge.
  2. If it looks like it’s a complicated matter or requires a detailed investigation of the facts, I will inform you thatHow much does it cost to begin consulting, which starts at 3,000 baht?
  3. Pay the cost before consulting
  4. The print tells the story in detail. or tell all the facts in detail
  5. Send relevant documents and evidence. Including video clips and photos. Various conversation evidence If there is
  6. Lawyer giving advice Ready to ask for additional facts in detail until doubts about the matter disappear.
  7. Follow-up inquiries on the same subject can be added free of charge. As appropriate

By the method I used here. It is considered beneficial and comforting to both parties, including myself, that I don’t have to waste time giving free advice. In every matter until it affects the quality of other works.

And the client side can know when they will have to pay the consultation fee and how much they can consult.


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