Office Receive legal advice Acknowledging matters throughout the kingdom and provide a variety of other legal services As follows


Accepting civil cases

Accepting all types of civil cases, such as land cases, loan cases, mortgage cases, guarantee cases, bankruptcy cases, labor cases, family cases, divorce cases, and claims for support and maintenance. Apply for child certification Suing for division of marital property, inheritance cases, suing for division of inheritance, land cases, suing for division of ownership of land, servitude, necessity, adverse possession cases, tort cases, demanding damages. As well as accepting appeals, resolving appeals, writing appeals, and revising appeals.


Accepting criminal cases

Accepting all types of criminal cases such as theft cases, embezzlement cases, fraud cases, and embezzlement cases. Robbery cases, receiving stolen property cases, cheating creditors, murder cases, rape cases Juvenile cases, trespassing cases, careless driving cases that cause the death of another person. Defamation case Cases of forgery and use of forged documents Cases of false reporting, perjury, and drug cases, etc.


Draft and review contracts

Draft and review all types of contracts For the maximum benefit of the employer, such as sales and exchange contracts, agent and broker contracts, property rental contracts, hire purchase contracts. compromise agreement Debt acknowledgment letter, inheritance contract, labor contract contract for work Deposit contracts, mortgage contracts, pawn contracts, guarantee contracts Company partnership contract and other contracts

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Registration of companies/limited partnerships

Company Registration/Limited Partnership Company Registration Register a limited partnership registered general partnership Trade registration Commercial registration Electronic commerce registration Register your business with the Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce Request a tax identification number Enter the VAT system Register an employer Register employees To the Social Security Office


Document certification and signature services or Notary Public Attorney

Providing notary public services by a notary who certifies signatures and documents (Notarial Services Attorney), document notarization services, translated documents, certified signatures. Certify documents for use abroad to study abroad. Certify individuals that they truly exist. Certify the director’s signature Legal entity status, position and authority of the person signing the document for submission to the Department Develop a commercial business Ministry of Commerce, etc.


Other services

All types of investigative work Investigate and arrest people according to arrest warrants, investigate adultery, investigate evidence of divorce proceedings. Investigate evidence of breaches of business contracts, investigate assets, and apply for bail for suspects or defendants. Become a legal advisor for a company or individual Prepare and examine all types of legal contracts.