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Office of Phisit Srisang, Attorney 51/29-51/30 Village No. 4, Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang Chonburi District Chonburi Province (located inside the old Chonburi bus station) about 1 kilometer from the Chonburi Provincial Court and the Chonburi Provincial Court, on the opposite side, about 400 meters from Chonburi Hospital (please make an appointment in advance every time)

Charging our lawyer's professional fees

Each lawyer’s office has different fees for the profession of a lawyer. However, there is a good charge for a lawyer’s profession. It should be reasonable. There are some brief criteria. and based on reality It is not an arbitrary determination of value. The office of Phisit Srisang, a lawyer, has the following guidelines for setting a brief attorney’s fee:

1. Difficulty of the case In cases with complex legal or factual issues Naturally, it takes a lot of time to prepare the case and do legal research. Especially in some civil cases where there are many documents that need to be studied. Or in some criminal cases it is necessary to study the facts, go to the scene and interview many witnesses. Such cases have higher professional fees than less complicated cases. But this factor is not always certain. If the law is an interesting law or in that case the lawyer sees that the main character has not been treated fairly and the lawyer wishes to accept that case because it has interesting legal matters to study or want to help the character You may be able to accept that work at a lower price than normal.
2. Time spent on work Case work that can be completed by making a compromise agreement at the mediation and reconciliation stage, which the lawyer will not take long to work on. The value is lower than A case that must be fought for years. Therefore, the duration of the case is another factor that the office will consider. In calculating the value
3. Occupational risks Some types of litigation work If the lawyer accepts There will be a risk to the life or reputation of the lawyer. The lawyer’s professional fees must be higher than normal. For example, some inheritance cases where heirs have serious conflicts. or drug cases When the lawyer accepts the matter, there must be a conflict with the police officer. and prosecutor
4. Characteristics of the client If the customer has good character, is considerate, honest, straightforward, and is worth working with, it will cause the value to be lower than the standard price. But if the lawyer examines the facts and sees that The client conceals facts from the lawyer, is dishonest, and does not respect the lawyer. Lawyers may call this the elevation. Because I don’t want to work with you.
5. Bet on the case This means the benefits that the client will receive in that case. In a civil case with a large amount of money A lawyer must use extreme caution and knowledge. Because lawyers themselves are at risk if they make mistakes and cause damage to their clients’ cases. May be liable to the client And if the client wins the case, they will receive a large amount of money or property. or in criminal cases with high penalties Lawyers must also be very detailed and meticulous in their work. And it takes a long time to prepare the case. Therefore, civil cases with high capital or criminal cases with high penalties If the case is won, the main character will receive a high benefit. The value of smallness is high as well.
6. Special expertise in cases In cases where the lawyer has expertise It must be called height according to ability. But if there is any type of case where the lawyer knows that I don’t have any expertise. It is necessary to study the law on that matter additionally during the case work. They might call it inferior and explain that they are not good at the law. He said he would try his best to study. Or if the client really needs a lawyer who is an expert in that matter. A good lawyer must recommend other trusted lawyers to his clients. For our office, Has a specific aptitude in criminal cases, land cases, family cases, and inheritance cases
7. Distance to go to court in that case If traveling to the court each time takes a lot of time Lawyers also have to waste time working on other cases. And there is also a lot of travel expenses. The legal value is also high. Therefore, if the case is not difficult or not very complicated It is better to use a local lawyer. Before hiring a local lawyer, you should inquire about their work history. You can trust it first.
which is before the office determines the award The office must have thoroughly examined the facts of the case. The client often wants the lawyer to set the legal fees. After talking with the lawyer for only 5-10 minutes, the lawyer had not examined the witness statements in detail and had not seen any documents. The lawyer cannot determine the correct legal value. If the lawyer’s legal fees are too high The character is disadvantageous. But if the lawyer sets it too low It is not enough to make a case. and can affect the quality of case work Therefore, the method that the Pisit Srisang Attorney’s Office has always used is that the attorney will ask to examine documents and witness statements in detail. Before setting the value By the office There will be no charge for examining documents or witness statements before accepting a case.